Activities #Principionaturale

The oldest medicine in the world to keep away the mundane stress of modern life is contact with nature.

Feeling harmony between you and the nature around you helps you relax and feel fulfilled.

Here, at NeveSole Folgarida Resort, you can feel nature.

Not only see it, touch it, or hear it, but deeply and truly feel it.

Nature whispers stories as ancient as the world, it vibrates with energy at your every step, it envelops you with its warm embrace as soon as you’re near it.

If what you’re looking for is an emotional connection with the land and its secrets, if you love old tales passed on from generation to generation, if, for you, nature is not only something to look at but it is the essence of life itself, NeveSole is the place for you.

Our resort aims to offer an experience that differs from what’s expected of an holiday, it aims to create a path of discovery and exploration of oneself through the nature around us.

Our staff will guide you in the exploration of our nature through special and interactive experiences and events and will take you on a path of personal wellness and contemplation of nature.



NeveSole Folgarida Resort benefits from a privileged position, with a direct access to the ski slopes and the Campiglio-Brenta skiing complex; making it the perfect place for all winter sports lovers!

Skipass service: Buy here  your skipass.

Our resort offers a ski rental and a ski deposit service.

The best ski instructors from the school in the valley will be at your full disposal for single and group lessons.

You can also try Cross-country skiing and you can find trails for freeride and skii mountaneering.

While the parents are out skiing, our Family park will take care of the little ones enjoying on our sleds trail!

Our staff is at your complete disposal to take you on amazing treks, on foot or with snowshoes, and to guide you in exploration of our wonderful surroundings.



NeveSole Folgarida Resort is the ideal destination both for adrenaline junkies and for those who desire an oasis of peace and tranquillity.
Val di Sole offers a wide variety of trails, perfect for trekking, nordic walking, mountain bike and even horseriding!
You will also be able to try more adrenalic experiences, such as hydrospeed and canyoning.

Chair-lifts and gondola lifts will take you to the high altitudes to admire breathtaking views, where the more experienced can try more demanding trails!

Let us guide you, through our activities, in the discovery of an authentic connection with nature.

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